Our auto body repair work is known as the best in New York City. We have sophisticated technology and experience that can handle different types of damages to your car. Regardless if it is a scratch or a damage from a collision, you can guarantee that Ariel Auto Collision can make it look brand new again.

We have years of experience in handling different kinds of damages sustained by vehicles. We cover for both light and heavy vehicles of different specifications. We make sure that after we have repaired the vehicle, you can guarantee that it meets the specifications of the manufacturer. This ensures not only the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle but also its safety on the road.

And because of the complexity of modern day car designs and the different extents of damages sustained by vehicles, our auto body repair experts are also knowledgeable of mechanical components and functions.

We have a special area wherein our auto body repair specialist can do the work. We have the necessary tools and equipment that can help make the entire process easy. The work is often divided either as major or minor collision repair.

For major collision repairs, the auto body repair specialist is going to get the vehicle into a body jig. This makes assessment a lot easier. We also have the necessary hydraulic tools that can help reverse the damage.

We perform both repairs and replacement of parts that have been damaged from the collision. After all the corrections were made, that’s when we perform the necessary refinishing with paint to return the car in its best shape.

We are known for providing competitive rates to our clients.

You can guarantee that we can make your car look brand new. And unlike other companies that simply do a great work on your car’s aesthetics, we can ensure you that your car is going to run even better before you encountered the accident.

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